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SIMILARITIES: 1914 and 2014

Poetry by David Krieger on the similarities between the start of World War I and the situation in Ukraine

The countries of Europe, it is said,
stumbled into World War I, a war
no one wanted and yet, and yet…it happened.
After Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination,
it became the Great War, taking the lives
of a generation of young men too eager to fight
in the battlefield trenches.

What can we say about the confrontation
of great powers, going on at this very moment,
in Ukraine? Could the leaders of the these countries
be stumbling again, this time on a powder
keg of nuclear alliance, misunderstandings,
irrationality, false promises, political realities
and unrealities, indignation and, above all,
bravado, as always, bravado for God and country?

David Krieger

March 2014

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