Sequester Crisis Solved: Flip The Debt

We have a little bit of a debt problem here in the USA.

Thankfully for us, a group of concerned citizens, leaders, and patriots understand just how we got into this mess in the first place and they have a plan to get us out. The group Fix The debt has gathered 350,000 signatures promoting a solution the impending disaster of Armageddon like proportions that will befall us if we don’t take common sense steps towards putting American on a better path towards economic growth. According to Fix The Debt that means that the gravy train is over for entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, for there is no way that the Wall st. companies that Fix The Debt is fronting for can continue to pay ZERO in taxes if the elderly and the poor want to see a doctor. Just aint gonna happen.

As these too big to fail companies well know, the 2 party duolopoly is unable to slash the real entitlement program that is the most significant threat to our economic and national security; of course I am talking about the bloated, wasteful, homicidal, and blowback inducing entitlement program know as the military budget. The CEO’s that have pushed this fake front group- FIX THE DEBT- out towards the fore are scolding our members in Congress, telling them that they will just have to find a way to make their constituents accept austerity cuts because Wall street companies helped put us in this mess not only needed tax payer bailouts, but to grease the wheels of a quarterly shareholder capitalist system that is literally killing people to make the 1% rich, these same companies could not be expected to pay taxes at the same rate of the average middle income earner.- many of them pay nothing at all in taxes- and some of them even get tax refunds yearly to promote an agenda that is literally killing us. As if theft were not enough.

Here is the deal folks: The debt is not a major threat. What the good people at FLIP THE DEBT understand is that this is a myth used to force austerity onto the public.

In addition to this cool clock showing how 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS has been stolen from taxpayers by corporations and the top 1% using loopholes and laws that work against the people and for the corporations, a visit to will help you understand that Deficit spending is actually good during a recession.

Here is a wacky idea, tell me what you think: If we spent more on say- a jobs program that nationalized our country’s energy and employed a generation of workers on a program that transitioned us to a green economy- complete with major roadways turned into solar panels, does anyone really think this would be a bad thing for our economy? More jobs, more people with money- less money fighting wars to gain access to oil that will once we use it, bring the human race exponentially closer to a collective suicide of our species and homicide of the Earth.

That’s is just one idea- we don’t have the luxury of debating its merits right now, because the folks at FIX THE DEBT are fixing to steal more of your tax dollars. To fight back — I’d start with a visit to FLIP THE DEBT dot org.