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Populism Is the Solution to End Capitalist Destruction

A recycled political season that does not represent the interests of everyday people is one reason why populism is the answer.

A recycled political season that does not represent the interests of everyday people is one reason why populism is the answer to overcoming average folks not being served by the current system. The continued political cycle that renders mainstream population with two highly unpopular candidates is precisely why the democratic system is unsatisfactory. Pay-to-play politics always results in governmental oppression to the masses, amongst a slew of other negativities.

Mass political participation, whether a voter or not, essentially provides support to a system that most people would rather not support.

WE THE PEOPLE need systemic change and must not be complacent with planet Earth and humankind’s destruction via capitalism.

Feelings of despair, and/or helplessness and hopelessness are very understandable, yet at the same time, counterproductive.

Societal dismay is what the oppressors who prey and victimize desire.

A depressed society is often a controlled society, and is more easily done so when depressed.

Discouraged and highly educated, prime-age workers have experienced a downtrodden decade-plus of economic and life deprivation. The once gleefully motivated decade-generation has completely been stripped of any motivational steam that was once fed to them in abundance.

Right-wing conservative-leaning think tank economists from the Brookings Institution, the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation are bending over backward to brainwash society with hogwash claims that depict a near-decade sector of the population as being entitled, of skill shortage, lazy and non-conducive to the workforce, etc. Willfully, and with wanton disregard for honest, logical economic sense, the aforementioned economists have flipped the blame against the very same population of who they’ve displaced, caused dispossession and disenfranchised.

Robbing them for 10+ years has proved not to be enough for these shameless capitalist vultures. Their attempts to discredit, smear and oppress via the self-fulfilling prophecy model is spineless, cold-hearted and perhaps most importantly, inaccurate.

High credentials should only get you so far, yet capitalism allows for unnecessary obnoxiousness between the “good ol’ boys club,” where anything and everything they say is golden — even if it proves false.

Time and again, Goliath-like influence acts as an economic engine of programming and conditioning to the majority populace. To be fair, the influence derives from multiple actors not limited to the above mentioned. It’s a system of recycled, so-called experts who are shifted from sector and position that provide top-earner profit motive rhetoric.

Governments depend on these people and their ability to pull the wool over the eyes’ of the general public. Their economic speak, credentials and influenced hierarchy status proves overwhelming to most. The general population reception is: She/he is so well regarded, they must be correct and know better than I do.

They’re telling me that policies must be set into play where I subsidize those not in need, even as I suffer and lack necessities — but that’s okay! — and I agree to such terms of destruction.

Perhaps I’m brainwashed, yet I lack tools to adequately and effectively determine such.

Maybe I don’t buy into their story one bit and see right past it.

But does any of it matter? If so, how much does?

Does knowledge of such mean it is surmountable? I think not!

You’re squeezed into a dented, infectious, stinky tuna fish can like the rest! How’s that for being knowledgeable?!