Occupy This! TV Interview on the Economy and the Occupy Wall Street Protests

The other day we spoke to RT Television about our search for the #OccupyWallStreet demonstrations in a lower Manhattan that almost felt as if it were under military siege. That led to a conversation about the protests — what they're protesting, the importance of these protests, Wall Street's role in the crash, and Mayor Bloomberg's police-state tactics in the heart of our country's financial and cultural capital.

We also talked about the GOP in Congress and their ongoing acts of economic terrorism — holding the government hostage for their radical and unpopular demands. We talked about the President's past mistakes, capitulations, and repetition of Republican rhetoric. We also gave the President moving toward a more popular, progressive, and common-sense approach – and credited progressive institutions with moving him in the right direction.

But about those protests:

Wall Street's fear is understandable. If the public is ever given a voice to express its outrage, their party train will have to stop and some people will pay for their crimes. But when Americans can only express their right to free speech after they've been coralled into a “free speech zone,” one that's far from the subject of the protests, that's not free speech at all.

And it's not America.

(Video is below and here.)