Munching Away on the “Public Good“

About a decade ago, chatting with a friend about the corporatization of Chicago’s schools, I joked, “Soon they’ll be privatizing the streets! And the squirrels!” Five years later, at least half of that forecast came true; our former mayor sold off the city’s parking meters to a private company. And a few weeks ago, now-Mayor Rahm Emanuel locked in the deal, ensuring that Chicago parkers will remain servants of that company for the next seven decades.

The epidemic of privatization spreads way beyond Chicago, and way, way beyond parking meters. It’s seeping quickly into things like airports, health clinics and, of course, education. The corporatization of everything is squeezing the life out of crucial institutions, chewing up the concept of the “public good” and spitting it into a privatized water fountain.

This process is painful to witness. But we at Truthout are sticking with the story and telling you the truth about its devastating effects – the ways in which it’s impacting your lives and the lives of your fellow humans. No corporation will ever fund this vital work. That’s OK; we don’t want them to! But this means you’re the ones we count on in order to keep bringing the truth to light.

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