Morales Highly Favored for Re-Election in Bolivia

The Associated Press reports:

“A victory by Morales, who led opinion polls with about 55 percent support, would extend the stability he has brought to a country notorious for coups and that had five presidents in the five years preceding his December 2005 election….

“The vote comes under a new constitution ratified by voters in January that allowed Morales to run for a second term and that remade Bolivia as a “plurinational” state, allowing self-rule for the poor South American country’s 36 native peoples….

“Pre-election polls put Morales far out in front of his nearest competitor in a field of nine candidates. Manfred Reyes, a former military officer and state governor associated with the previous discredited ruling class, had 20 percent support. His running mate is in jail, accused of backing a massacre of Morales supporters in 2008 as a state governor.”

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-Victoria Harper