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Memo to Bush Administration Leftovers on Fox: Shut Up

In a memo to Fox News, Hartmann let’s them know why populating their news station with leftovers from the Bush administration is hypocrisy.

Fox so-called News is heavily populated by leftovers from the Bush administration. Former political hit-man Karl Rove, former press secretary Dana Perino, and former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld are all over the network. And they’re all yelling about how terrible the Obama Administration is.

I have a very simple message for them. In the inimitable words of Rush Limbaugh: Shut up.

Until Dana Perino will hold Bush accountable for his failed response to Katrina and the financial collapse, you sound really pathetic when you complain that Obama takes no responsibility for the IRS.

Until Don Rumsfeld holds Bush accountable for intelligence failures that let the attacks of 9-11 happen and lies he told us about Iraqi WMD, you really can’t be taken seriously when you complain that Obama should be held responsible for slow Benghazi intelligence. It wasn’t even that slow, a few weeks maybe. At least Obama was cautious. Bush should have tried that out, instead of charging us into Afghanistan and Iraq without even having proper body armor.

Until Karl Rove holds himself and Bush responsible for politicizing the Department of Justice, firing US attorneys who refused to participate in political prosecutions and spending all their time looking for non-existent “voter fraud” cases, and for shamefully targeting Don Seigleman, you really shouldn’t complain about the apparently political choices of the IRS.

And don’t whine about how that was years ago, and that we need to get over it.

If you don’t want to discuss your hypocrisy now then simply point the American people to a letter, a speech, a video, any evidence whatsoever, of your contemporaneous acceptance of fault for ANY of the above.

But until you do – don’t expect any of us to take you – or Fox so-called News – seriously in any way.

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