Hurricane: When Structural Neoliberal Adjustment Hits Home

hurricane: when structural neoliberal adjustment hits home. aka “the africa strategy” aka “No nigger(s) should ever have that much power” aka when empire strikes back.

fund the legislators then legislate their poverty then legislate their debt.

steal their money then steal their elections.

destroy their tribes (neighborhoods) then gut their economy.

reignite colonial sentiments.

tell the benighted nigger natives they will never be anything without the white man’s money/education/leadership/approval.

tell the world they are savages and marvel at their savagery – create it if you must, even if a little girl must die – no one who matters lives on the eastside.

manifest destiny.

run them off their land. drive them from their homes.

contaminate their water.

feed them genetically modified lies.

make them inhale your corruption then burn the evidence – in the center of the city.

shave years off their hopeless lives.

show them their place.

teach them how to be prisoners.

fire teachers.

hire wardens with teaching licenses.

destroy their infrastructure.

subvert their leadership – enlist the FBI if necessary.

recruit your beautiful and brave white knights to tame this urban jungle.

laugh at the ruins.

hide all signs of life.

when you show anyone who is successful or happy make sure he is white.