Herman Wallace’s Conviction Overturned and Immediate Release Ordered!

View the new ruling here.

Miraculous news this morning! Judge Jackson has overturned Herman’s conviction, granting him full habeas relief based on the systematic exclusion of women from the jury in violation of the 14th Amendment.

Even more astonishingly, the Judge clearly orders that “the State immediately release Mr. Wallace from custody.” No application for bail is required, and the State is given 30 days to notify Herman if they plan to re-indict him.
We pray that Herman can still hear this all-important decision that he’s waited these four decades for. Although the State will no doubt contest this decision, this is what Herman has been struggling for – and at the end of his life, he’s won!

Albert Woodfox and Robert King are meeting at the prison this morning to say their farewells and and will instead have this amazing news to share with Herman and maybe even be able to take him home. To everyone that’s pushed for this victory – thank you – it means the world to Herman.

Keep in Touch with Herman and Albert

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