Fresh Recruits, More Arrests Begin Week Four in Texas Tar Sands Blockade

A platform and sign in a Tar Sands Blockade tree village.A platform and sign in a Tar Sands Blockade tree village. (Photo: Laura Borealis / Tar Sands Blockade)

As the Texas tar sands tree-sit enters its fourth week, activists re-enter the tree village to supply and defend members of the Tar Sands Blockade. The arrests continue.

Winnsboro, Tex. – More than 50 blockaders tried to re-enter the site of what has become a ” >tree village in east Texas.

Several managed to break through police lines to attempt to re-supply activists who have been occupying trees in the pathway of the Keystone XL pipeline since September 24. The rest of the blockaders rallied nearby, blocked by police and TransCanada’s hired security, who have formed a human barrier around the pipeline easement.

Two blockaders have locked themselves to construction equipment, and six blockaders have been

The activists were gathered at the location in Winnsboro after spending the weekend at a direct-action camp hosted by” >reporters were detained

Oct. 10 %20″ >also were arrested while covering the blockade in Winnsboro. Another videographer (full disclosure, my partner) was also arrested while filming a lockdown action at a pipe yard in Livingston, Texas.

Serna was detained while livestreaming during Monday’s action.

“Right now, in the blockade, the press can’t go onto the wall. They can’t talk to those people, so there has to be someone willing to take that risk on,” Serna says.

Arce and Serna remained on the wall for nearly a week until they were forced to come down. Trespassing charges against the two livestreamers have been dropped. Currently members of the media cannot approach within 60 feet of the pipeline easement at the site of the tree-sit.

“I think we’ve done a good job building a reputation for respecting people’s desires to be filmed or not to be filmed, and building a culture of consent when filming,” Arce says. “We really care about the people, and are not afraid to connect to it in an emotional way and care about the story.”

According to ” >did not mention the fact that he was detained in