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Election Countdown 2012: New York Prepares for the Worst From Hurricane Sandy, and More

New York Prepares for the Worst From Hurricane Sandy, and More

This week in the Election Countdown: New York prepares for the worst from Hurricane Sandy; India puts GM food crops under microscope; CATO Institute Helpfully makes its fake climate report look like actual government climate report; and more.

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The Social Networking Lives Of The Dead Celebrities Forbes

The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories Amazon. From a reader who wisely prefers to remain anonymous.

Street lights turned off in their thousands Telegraph

Geoengineering: Testing the Waters Naomi Klein, New York Times. Um, we already screw around a lot with nature, starting with GMOs. But yes, more scrutiny early is probably better.

India Puts GM Food Crops Under Microscope Common Dreams (Aquifer)

New York prepares for the worst from Sandy MarketWatch. Most people seem pretty blase about the storm, but the flip side is we got the usual bad weather behavior: insanely long lines in grocery stores of people buying water and whatever they regarded as staples (for the record, I stuck my head in a store to verify. But late in the evening, I must confess to having done a bit of extra provisioning. Of course, I told myself I wasn’t really losing my cool like everyone else, just saving myself the trouble of schlepping groceries in the rain).

Hurricane Sandy: How utilities are planning for power outages Raw Story. Translation: if there’s a mess, it’s not because we didn’t try harder than last time.

B.C. teen arrested for photographing mall takedown CBC

When the Growth Model Changes, Abandon the Correlations Michael Pettis. Pettis is always worth reading, and this is a particularly good piece.

The renminbi bloc is here: Asia down, the rest of the world to go? VoxEU

House elections spell a Republican story and victory Washington Post

Citizens United Rule Rocks Key 2012 Races Associated Press

Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias Glenn Greenwald

Long Wait Times at the Polls Michael Froomkin. See this clip.


Stephanie Kelton Appears on Le Show with Harry Shearer New Economic Perspectives

We’ve located the reality distortion field, and it’s in the consumer’s brain ars technica

Barclays slashes bankers’ pay by up to half as profits fall Telegraph. Mirabile dictu, this is looking like the old Wall Street! Crappy bonuses if the firm has a bad year. How long do with think this will last?

Hamptons Home Prices Fall as Buyers Seek Cheaper Retreats Bloomberg

Lord Bichard: Old People Need To Work For Their Pensions (Even If They Already Have) Jesse. His name would fit right in a Dickens novel, as would his attitude.

A Part-Time Life, as Hours Shrink and Shift New York Times

When Only $1 Billion Will Do, the Rich Live in a Bubble: Books Bloomberg. Don’t read this if you’ve eaten recently.

The progressive case against Obama Matt Stoller, Salon. Much gnashing of teeth among soi-disant liberals over this piece.

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