Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30 inches

Emanuel E. Garcia, 2014

Front View:

2014 1027pntn 1

Side View:

2014 1027pntn 2

Rear View:

2014 1027pntn 3

Around the borders of the rear of the painting is this ‘disappeared’ text:

“On 11 September 1973 the democratically elected government of Chile was overthrown with the complicity of Richard Nixon and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. Under the 17-year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, 3,197 people were disappeared, tens of thousands imprisoned and tortured and hundreds of thousands forced into exile. President Salvador Allende died during the coup. Poet Pablo Neruda passed away less than a fortnight later, in mourning for his country.”

Beginning from top left the lettering is written conventionally, left to right. At the top right corner it continues conventionally, up to down. However at the bottom right corner letters now appear in the reverse direction, right to left, and at the bottom left corner they then proceed bottom to top.


Bottom horizontal frame: deraeppasid (disappeared)

Left vertical frame:

e (Allende)

Emanuel E. Garcia with his painting “Disappeared” at the exhibition opening,
Rona Gallery, Eastbourne, New Zealand, 16 October 2014

2014 1027pntn 4

Photos by Suzanne Herschell.

Link to Rona Gallery Exhibit Opening