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Celebrating Resilience on Trans Day of Remembrance

Through their work, artists seek to lift up the resilience, power and beauty of trans and gender-nonconforming communities of color.

Through their work

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Trans Day of Resilience is an extension and reimagining of Transgender Day of Remembrance, the annual event memorializing people (mostly Black trans women) killed by anti-trans violence. We acknowledge and denounce the transphobic and misogynist violence that disproportionately impacts trans women and femmes of color. We pay respect to those we have lost. At the same time, our goal is to lift up the resilience, power and beauty of trans and gender-nonconforming communities of color. This collection of art serves to honor our leadership, our fortitude and our divinity.

Art by B. Parker for BreakOUT! of New Orleans, Louisiana

2015 1120tdor1

This project allowed me to further explore Black trans communities and feel more confident stepping out into the world understanding that I am not fighting alone for equality, understanding and acceptance.

– B. Parker

Art by Wriply Bennet for Black Lives Matter, a national organization

2015 1120tdor7

This project is a great way to have a platform to introduce all people to trans women and trans life, and it is extremely important trans women are able to mediate this conversation. Mediation through art is one of the most beautiful ways we can transmit our own lives.

– Wriply Bennet

Art by Micah Bazant for Audre Lorde Project of New York City

2015 1120tdor3

This project is an offering to all our trans ancestors who fought and died before seeing this moment, and to all our siblings yet to come who will be freer than we can even imagine.

– Micah Bazant

Art by Adelina Cruz for Coalition of Trans Women of Color of Albuquerque, New Mexico

2015 1120tdor6

For me, participating in this project means that I accept the responsibility and commitment in supporting the trans justice movement leadership visually, with beautiful artwork that aims to elevate trans women’s lives with respect and dignity.

– Adelina Cruz

Art by Mojuicy for Transgender Law Center, a national organization

2015 1120tdor4

Speaking to Jill and Isa about the incredible work their organization does on the front lines moved me in a way that really connected me to their struggle. To try and capture the beauty, strength and resilience of our transgender sisters in detainment was both a challenge and honor to execute respectfully.

– Mojuicy

Art by Ebin Lee for SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW of Atlanta, Georgia

2015 1120tdor2

To be participating in this project is allowing me to say what I need to say in a form that suits me best. This is emphasized even more with this project because I have a hard time putting how I feel about this topic in words.

– Ebin Lee

Art by Bishakh Som for Buried Seedz of Denver, Colorado

2015 1120tdor8

I am thrilled to work with Buried Seedz of Resistance and Forward Together on the Transgender Day of Remembrance/Resilience 2015: Culture Shift project and to have the opportunity to channel the power of art in the service of queer and trans justice.

– Bishakh Som

Art by Rommy Torrico for TransLatina Coalition, a national organization

2015 1120tdor5

As a trans individual and artist, I understand how necessary it is for the communities that are being marginalized to be the ones who are at the forefront of their own liberation. I’m excited to nourish these parts of my identity, to create community and to celebrate all my trans siblings in this struggle. This project also serves as a powerful reminder for me that our beautiful community exists in love and strength.

– Rommy Torrico

Trans Day of Resilience may only be one date on a calendar, but we designed this artwork to be a tangible reminder of our power all year long. Images by us and for us are necessary in a world that questions and devalues our existence. We hope our work will be shared through social media to inspire people to take action and support trans justice groups. We hope to start conversations and help people better understand who we are. Art is a way we can imagine the world we need, the world we are building together.