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America Beyond Capitalism
We're excited to bring you a new

America Beyond Capitalism

We're excited to bring you a new

We’re excited to bring you a new, exclusive series from groundbreaking economist and author Gar Alperovitz. Truthout will be publishing weekly installments of Alperovitz’s paradigm-shifting book, “America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy,” which lays out a roadmap for the systemic economic change necessary to build a just society. Join us in exploring questions of ownership, wealth distribution, cooperation, democracy, and what an economic future might look like that does not assume the dominance of corporate capitalism.

Part One: It’s Time to Lay the Groundwork for Radical, Systemic Change

Part Two: America Beyond Capitalism: An “Evolutionary Reconstruction” of the System Is Necessary and Possible

Part Three: Total System Change: A Real-Life Look at Regional Governance and Public Ownership

Part Four: Change Will Occur

Part Five: Drifting Away From Our Ideals

Part Six: Changing Wealth Ownership to Reduce Inequality

Part Seven: Gar Alperovitz | Democracy, From the Ground Up

Part Eight: Can Corporations Be Made to Fit Democratic Theory and Vision?

Part Nine: Democracy: Is a Continent Too Big?

Part Ten: Gar Alperovitz: “The Pluralist Commonwealth”

Part Eleven: A Direct Stake in Economic Life

Part Twelve: Enterprising Cities: Left, Right and Center

Part Thirteen: Building Community: Neighborhoods and Nonprofits With a Mission

Part Fourteen: State and National Innovators

Part Fifteen: The Democratization of Wealth and the Era of Deepening Fiscal Crisis

Part Sixteen: Is Local Democracy Possible in the Global Era?

Part Seventeen: Community, the Environment and the “Nonsexist City”

Part Eighteen: The Regional Restructuring of the American Continent

Part Nineteen: The 25-Hour Work Week

Part Twenty: Beyond Super-Elites and Conspicuous Consumption: Real Ecological Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century

We need to update you on where Truthout stands.

To be brutally honest, Truthout is behind on our fundraising goals for the year. There are a lot of reasons why. We’re dealing with broad trends in our industry, trends that have led publications like Vice, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic to make painful cuts. Everyone is feeling the squeeze of inflation. And despite its lasting importance, news readership is declining.

To ensure we stay out of the red by the end of the year, we have a long way to go. Our future is threatened.

We’ve stayed online over two decades thanks to the support of our readers. Because you believe in the power of our work, share our transformative stories, and give to keep us going strong, we know we can make it through this tough moment.

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