A Financial Report to President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I see that you requested someone to look into who paid for the Tax Day rallies on April 15, which demanded that you release your tax returns. I have been compiling that information for you from the large rally we had in Massachusetts which I helped organize. But first, let me be clear that here in Massachusetts, we were not just asking you to release your tax returns. Mr. President, we are also scared to death of your budget proposal that moves $54 billion of our tax money into the war budget by taking it away from programs that help our families and from important programs to address climate change, worker safety, health research, Head Start, heating assistance and so much more. Instead, we proposed support for the exciting alternative budget being put up for a vote by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It’s called “The People’s Budget.” You should look at it; it’s beautiful. You’ll love it.

So here’s the information you want: We spent $1,800 for a stage and sound; $100 for a banner; about $74 for poster board and magic markers (to make good posters you need to get the really big, colorful markers. You should try them for your next party at Mar-a-Lago. They’re great.); about $100 for leaflets; $50 for accounting services; and $90 for gas and tolls for speakers coming from different parts of the state. Speakers and entertainers — some of the smartest people around — you’d love to have them for dinner some time, great ideas for the country — donated their services and a church let us use their bathrooms. Total cost: $2,214.

But you’ll really love this: Not only did no one get paid to attend, those in attendance (between 1,800 and 2,100 people) actually donated, on the spot, $4,342, mostly by throwing their money into donation buckets circulated by volunteers. But some donated online via the Venmo system. (I had never heard of it, but it’s great. You should try it for your next fundraiser. Works well). Sponsoring groups kicked in another $175.

So there’s the report you requested, showing us ending up with a surplus of $2,303. If you insist on using our tax money to violate international law with drones, Tomahawk missiles and Mothers of All Bombs, we’ll put that money toward future rallies. But if you change course, release your tax returns, and do what’s right for our country and our fragile world, we’ll use the money for a big party instead — and we’d love to have you come. It’d be beautiful.