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Akunna Eneh

Akunna Eneh has been a teen librarian at the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public Library since 2008. She has worked with several community organizations and schools in and around the Roxbury neighborhood and, more recently, has been a part of an outreach program to teens in juvenile detention centers in Boston. She is interested in finding more ways for social justice organizations to utilize library resources and to connect with the community through the library. She contributed entries to the recently published 101 Changemakers, a biographical anthology of lesser known changemakers with a ‘people’s history’ approach for middle schoolers. In 2010, as the BPL branches and jobs were threatened with cuts, she organized with her fellow union members and library patrons throughout Boston to stop the cuts. She is also an activist in the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization, has been a part of organizing annual Marxism conferences for people interested in reading and discussing the roots of oppression and inequality in society, and has participated in local struggles around LGBT rights, foreclosures, and police brutality.