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“Unraveling”: Anti-Trafficking NGOs and the Garment Industry

“Unraveling”: Anti-Trafficking NGOs and the Garment Industry

Part of the Series

2014 0818ld fb“Our Fashion Year” – the year-long comics journalism investigation into connections between the garment trade and the sex trade – finally comes back home in this strip. Looking more closely at recent events, Anne Elizabeth Moore and Melissa Mendes find similarities in language used by US-funded international anti-trafficking NGOs and shut-downs that endanger domestic sex workers. In “Unraveling,” the threads that tie anti-human trafficking organizations to the international garment trade finally give way.

For the previous entries in The Ladydrawers’ series, see here. You can also check out “Fast Fashion,” “Let’s Go Shopping” and “The Business of Thrift” (with Julia Gfrörer); “Zoned,” “Red Tape” and “Outta Sight (Out of Mind)” (with Melissa Mendes); and Ellen Lindner’s It’s the Money, Honey and Out of the Factories Part 1 and Out of the Factories Part 2 (also with Melissa Gira Grant); and Leela Corman’s “The Grey Area” and “The Somaly Problem.” Next month the series wraps up with Corman’s final strip before we go on break ’til the new year.

Ladydrawers - Unraveled

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