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Ladydrawers: Let’s Go Shopping

Ladydrawers: Let’s Go Shopping

Part of the Series

2013 0910ld fbThe Ladydrawers’ year-long look at the global garment and sex trades began in August with an introductory strip called Fast Fashion. Our second strip from Julia Gfrörer and Anne Elizabeth Moore begins where, ideally, the production line should end: at H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and other fast-fashion retail stores. That’s where the wear and tear of sped-up production is clear, if you just talk to the people whose job it is to put the clothes out on the floor every day.

Of course, the monstrous second-hand industry in the US means first-run retail stores are not the real end of the production line, but Gfrörer and Moore will be back next month to tell you more about labor and economics in the cast-off garment trade. As always, you can catch all the strips from the very beginning right here.

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2013 0910ld

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