Ladydrawers: Food and Freedom

LadydrawersThis month, The Ladydrawers’ “Growing Season” explores US food policy in our latest comics journalism strip, “Food and Freedom.” Our previous two strips with Melissa Mendes, “Cultivating Policy” and “Cultivation,” offered reports on Soul Fire Farm, an inspirational food justice project that confronts the food and land access issues faced by communities of color.

Our first two strips with Sarah Becan, “Roots & Migrations,” and “Stinging Nettles,” looked at how food traditions migrated to, or have been restricted on, US land and what individuals are doing to keep them alive. We’re thrilled Sarah’s returned to introduce us to the lawyer that keeps an eye on food freedoms in the US. Next month, Mendes returns to show us how one aspect of food policy is contributing to a nationwide health epidemic, right under our very noses.

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1. ” ‘Tavern Talk’ and the Origins of the Assembly Clause,” Baylen Linnekin, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, Vol 39:3, p. 594.