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What’s the Bag Deal?

This first episode of “The Green Ninja,” reviews the question, what’s the best bag? Paper or plastic?

Green Ninja - What's the Bag Deal

Truthout is pleased to begin a weekly posting of short videos for middle school students – and everyone else – about climate change and its effects. “The Green Ninja,” a character created by a climate scientist and his team, provides an entertaining and educational way to help children grasp the intricacies of climate change and learn what they can personally do to become involved in fighting it. See additional details about the series, or head straight to this week’s episode, “What’s the Bag Deal?” wherein a couple argues over which is the best bag for grocery shopping: paper or plastic? Both appear to have their advantages and disadvantages, so what are they to do? Sensing a learning opportunity, the Green Ninja appears with a simple solution – a reusable bag! But is it really that simple?

Briefly, we wanted to update you on where Truthout stands this month.

To be brutally honest, Truthout is behind on our fundraising goals for the year. There are a lot of reasons why. We’re dealing with broad trends in our industry, trends that have led publications like Vice, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic to make painful cuts. Everyone is feeling the squeeze of inflation. And despite its lasting importance, news readership is declining.

To ensure we stay out of the red by the end of the year, we have a long way to go. Our future is threatened.

We’ve stayed online over two decades thanks to the support of our readers. Because you believe in the power of our work, share our transformative stories, and give to keep us going strong, we know we can make it through this tough moment.

We’ve launched a campaign to raise $44,000 in the next 7 days. Please consider making a donation today.