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Truthout TV Interviews Bruce Melton About Global Climate Change

Truthout TV Interviews Bruce Melton About Global Climate Change

Earth candle(Image: Earth candle via Shutterstock)Maybe you bought a hybrid automobile. Maybe you take public transportation instead of owning a car or truck. Maybe you have outfitted your home with the latest energy-saving gadgets in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint. These are laudable and effective ways to combat global climate change. And while those efforts do have an effect, there are other ways to make great strides in stemming the catastrophic effects of climate change.

In this “Truthout Interviews,” Bruce Melton and I discuss global climate change and the way in which the media tends to amplify climate change deniers out of “fairness.” We highlight a technology called “sky mining” that may be the best technological approach to making a lasting effect on reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

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