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Rights Lab: Where Can I Fly My Drone?

Smartphones revolutionized people’s access to cameras; could drones do the same for air space?

(Image: Scrappers Film Group)(Image: Scrappers Film Group)

Smartphones revolutionized people’s access to cameras by creating a video recording tool that was accessible and affordable for a wider range of people. Now a new technology could do the same for airspace: domestic drones.

The second episode of Rights Lab, a groundbreaking web series produced in partnership with Scrappers Film Group and Truthout, takes you on a whirlwind tour of the ever-changing legal drone landscape and considers the civil liberties implications of the new technology. In this episode you’ll meet drone photographer Christopher Morrison, see his evolution from self-described drone cowboy to Federal Aviation Administration waiver applicant and consider how drone technology could have affected the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Rights Lab uses real-life case studies, featuring local activists and offering clear and compelling explanations of ongoing legal debates to explore Stingray surveillance, when and how it is legal to film a police officer, the burgeoning debate behind consumer drone flight, where you can protest, and much more.

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