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Brave New Foundation’s Series on Prison Profiteering

Each part of this series by the Brave New Foundation exposes an aspect of corruption in the American prison systems in the name of profit.

Corizon is a healthcare company contracted by prisons. Failing to provide sick prisoners with needed care turns out to be pretty good for Corizon’s profits.

Global Tel*Link profits off love, charging prisoners as much as $17 for a 15-minute phone call. The company is making massive profits by charging extremely high rates for phone communication, financially taxing the families who rely on those services to keep in touch with loved ones.

Police officers are forcing people to choose between time behind bars or turning over their money and property – all without ever making an arrest.

If you’re arrested, you can pay a hefty sum or sit in a cell waiting for trial. Don’t have the funds? The for-profit bail industry can help – for a big fee. Bond companies charge massive fees and target the portion of the population who have the least amount of money.

Corrections Corporation of America is the country’s biggest for-profit prison company and calls human beings in lock-up a “revenue stream.” The CCA makes money by keeping their prisons full, leading to policy changes that “guarantee” prisons will be full.

The GEO Group is a for-profit prison company that pulls in billions by locking people up. The company is making massive profits by mistreating inmates, and is hiring lobbyists to influence policy-makers to perpetuate their profiteering.

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