Lee Camp Offers a “Moment of Clarity” for Truthout Readers

Lee Camp challenges progressives with his distinctive brand of political humor. He’s a cross between Lenny Bruce and Lewis Black — and toss in a dash of George Carlin. What makes Camp distinctive, however, is that he is an unapologetic advocate for the common good.

Whereas many comics boast that they are into making people laugh, not social change, Camp is all about shaking up the institutional foundations in society and helping to spark grassroots activity.

Just click here to get your copy of Camp’s rollicking frontal rants (now in book form). “Moment of Clarity: The Rantings of A Stark Raving Sane Man” is yours free with a minimum contribution of $25 to what Camp calls “the best media outlet around”: Truthout. You will be supporting fiercely independent journalism and irreverent comedy at the same time.