Advocating for Families: The Power of Membership

Caroline Topeé grew up in a financially stable family and took her financial security for granted.

Then came the day when she realized that, to protect her daughter, she needed to leave her abusive marriage. Caroline took on several jobs just to stay afloat, which had repercussions for her daughter and their relationship. Parent Voices, a parent-led, parent-run grassroots organization in California, helped provide Caroline with the tools and knowledge she needed to advocate on behalf of her daughter and herself, alongside thousands of other parents across the state and the country grappling with similar challenges.

Editor’s Note: This video is part of a special series about people participating in their communities and making positive contributions. The three videos in the series, as well as a discussion and facilitation guide, are available from Marguerite Casey Foundation. The videos are available in Spanish. Also, in honor of Mother’s Day, check back for a special edition featuring “Community Trailblazers” — women from around the country who are making positive grassroots change in their neighborhoods.