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Abolition in Action

To make revolutionary change, we must start somewhere. Truthout and Inquest share local examples of abolition in action.

An illustration of three prison abolitionists - one with partially shaved hair, one a black woman, and one a Muslim woman in a hijab, stand beside oneanother holding bold cutters. Their faces are turned away from the viewer, gazing instead at a tangle of red chains that are keeping them - and us- from the sun beyond.

Series Introduction

Since the 2020 George Floyd uprisings, police and prison abolition have become topics of household discussion throughout the U.S. But many people continue to doubt that abolition is realistic — or that abolition can be accomplished without sacrificing the safety of our communities. But in truth, across the country, people are practicing abolition everyday in their communities. This series, a collaboration between Truthout and Inquest, elevates their work by focusing on individual instances of abolition in action, providing examples of how people can — without waiting for state-level change — make abolition a reality in their lives.