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Zoe Brent

Zoe Brent is the Creative Director and Cuba Tour Coordinator for Food Sovereignty Tours.

Zoe was Food Sovereignty Tours’ first program coordinator. She began developing the program in early 2010 and led the first Food Sovereignty Tour to Cuba. She recently relocated to Argentina where she is pursuing her Masters in International Relations with an emphasis on Peace and Development at the Universidad del Salvador. She still coordinates our Cuba tour program and in her new role as Creative Director, Zoe draws on her experience owning and managing a graphic design company to help convey the global movement for food sovereignty through image and composition. An avid traveler herself, she strongly believes in the power of experiential education. In 2009, Zoe worked with UC Berkeley (her alma mater) to develop a bilingual study-abroad program focusing on Peace-Building in the Americas. Zoe’s research in recent years focuses on new forms of labor struggle in Argentina and worker and immigrant rights throughout the global food supply chain.