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Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin is a lecturer in Politics and International Relations. She teaches first and second year courses and third year dissertation students.

Before she returned to academia to study her PhD at Loughborough University in 2007, she was a BBC journalist.

Natalie’s research focuses on the Turkey-EU accession process. It challenges existing approaches by drawing on both material and ideational factors to explain the process in context. It argues basically that normative actors still act geostrategically but are inclined to do so within a normative framework.

This research is primarily empirical, but is also theoretical and metatheoretical in that it seeks to justify a complex contextual approach to International Relations through the application of a Critical Realist epistemology.

Natalie has recently completed a monograph, Security and the Turkey-EU Accession Process: Norms, Reforms and the Cyprus issue, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in Spring 2015. She is also working on transnational bid for EU funding for research into the geostrategic dimension of Turkey EU relations via the Horizon 2020 fund.