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Johnaé Strong

Johnaé Strong (@johnae_alyse) is an educator, organizer and writer who has been working at the intersection of social movements, healing and education for over a decade. Johnaé is a founding member and former leader of BYP100, a political organization for Black people, ages 18-35, working for liberation for all Black people. Her deeply rooted intersectional analysis of structural and systemic racism as well as her authentic relationship-centered approach to organizing have gained her profound respect from community members and organizers across Chicago. In 2016, this work led to the ousting of Illinois State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez for the coverup of the Laquan McDonald murder. As of late, her focus has shifted toward abolitionist survivor-led and healing centered projects in arts, education and media. This has led to her co-founding MAMAS and her company Strong Visions Productions (@strong_visions).