Imara Jones

Imara Jones is New York-based blogger who writes about economic justice, among other issues, for Colorlines. His site offers incisive commentary about our disruptive world and what comes next, and he serves as editor of, an online information resource on the transatlantic slave trade and Afro-Atlantic world.

Imara is also the creator and co-host of caffeinetv, an online television show currently in development. Prior to caffeinetv, Imara held posts at Viacom—where his work garnered two EMMY Awards and a Peabody—as well as in the Clinton White House.

In 2006, Imara was identified by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader; he holds a masters degree in economic from the London School of Economics. Fluent in Portuguese, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is Imara’s second home. Follow him on Twitter @imarajones.

December 10, 2017