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Esther Manilla

Esther Manilla is Interim Producer for the National Radio Project. Esther has been working in radio for the past ten years as a producer and production assistant. Her work has been featured on NPR’s Next Generation, KALW and other NPR affiliate stations as well as Pacifica Radio Network. In June of 2008 she was recognized with the Project Censored Award for the historic broadcast of Winter Soldier, Iraq & Afghanistan 2008, Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations. She is the former producer for KPFA’s Morning Show and currently volunteers as a segment producer for La Raza Chronicles and music host at KPFA 94.1 FM. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007 with double Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts and in LA RAZA/Latino studies. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a strong advocate for the arts and serves on the Board for La Pena Arts and Cultural Center and continues her own artistic endeavors thru music, photography & media.

email: [email protected]