“Yes on Prop 37” Launches First Television Ad

Oakland The Yes on Proposition 37 California Right to Know Campaign will air its first television ad today with a significant statewide television buy that directly challenges the credibility of the big corporations that are now working to deny Californians the right to know what’s in their food.

Proposition 37, which will be on the California ballot in November, would be the first law in the U.S. requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods.

The 30-second ad – which will be running on select online news venues, as well as broadcast and cable television stations in major California media markets starting today – presents a history of notoriously false and inaccurate health claims that have been made by the very same corporations now funding the No on 37 campaign.

>labelgmos.nationbuilder.com/donate_truth”>See the ad here

“The same corporations and political operatives that made false health claims about cigarettes, DDT and Agent Orange are now bringing us the No on 37 campaign,” said California Right to Know Media Director Stacy Malkan.

“The fact is that 50 countries around the world now require labeling genetically engineered foods because of concerns about health risks and harm to the environment. Californians have a right to know whether or not their baby formula, corn chips or soy milk contains ingredients that have not been proven safe,” Malkan said.

For more information about the No on 37 misinformation campaign, see our blog.