“We Know That Too Many Young Men in Our Community Continue to Make Bad Choices . . .”

In some ways the system is set up to bring young men against one another – to get by with any means necessary – and it’s a particular race that it targets. That’s where young men made a mistake and need to fix it – because there shouldn’t be any system that makes you feel like you have to do something or allows you to turn on your fellow peers making you go down that path of failing. In a world of economic inequality and racial injustice, the blame is on everyone who promotes violence and does not want to see change. Why promote violence if you just want it to stop? The way young men in our community continue to make bad choices for unnecessary causes is making it become true, setting bad examples for the generation that comes after them, making it hard for them to turn it around and get it together. Making those bad choices could easily make it easier to be accused of something they didn’t do and having to pay the price for it. If they want to be viewed better, then it starts within yourself before it moves on to everyone else: it only takes that one person to turn everything around. Everybody wants to succeed; we don’t need conflict among young men in our community since each one has a family that deeply cares about them. Families don’t want to see their loved ones fall in the cracks or end up in a jail.

Some claim today that America is a “post-racial society.” They say the “barriers to Black advancement” have been largely overcome. Many go so far as to put the main blame for the severe problems faced by Black people today on…Black people themselves. Others claim that better education, or more traditional families, or religion, or elections will solve things.” Young men in our community shouldn’t have to change because they want to, but because they want to see a better and brighter future for more your men who look up to them and to having a better status in the country. The choices I see people make in my community are sometimes just careless choices of them wanting to show off to other people to try and fit in with a group that they know they shouldn’t be with.

This is important to me because I have a little brother and I don’t want him to feel like he should be a part of this statistic. The other side may argue that the young men in our community can just keep making bad choices; it’s not affecting them in any type of way. The significance of getting this right is a better community for everyone to enjoy. It would show young men in the future that you do not have to do certain things: making foolish mistakes to fit in or to try to make yourself stand out. Consequences are not always going to correct a person of many bad choices, but having somebody guide them would. For example, having more programs and jobs to provide for the youth, to keep them off the streets and having them participate in countless activities not on the streets. People should care about this topic because everybody needs to help fix a problem for the betterment of their community – not just the person involved in the problem. They shouldn’t have to face it alone; that isn’t fair: there should be at least a person out there ready to help someone in need of a little guidance.