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Wait, WHO Owns The F***ing Voting Machines?!

Recent articles have been surfacing about the Romney’s families ties to the private company that will be counting votes in November. Lee Camp explains that there is more disturbing news to this story.

This video discusses the major investors are in a company that owns the Ohio voting machines. I do not say it’s just Tagg Romney, as many people have been saying. There are now articles going around saying the Tagg Romney story is bullshit, which it may very well be. But as far as I’ve seen, no reliable source has debunked the main thrust of my video, nor the FreePress article where I got the info. That main thrust is that HIG Capital owns a controlling stake in Hart Intercivic, which makes the voting machines. HIG Capital is almost entirely ex-Bain Capital people along with the Romney family. And HIG Capital is the sixth largest donor to the Romney campaign. I have yet to see an article that says otherwise. Here’s the Free Press article (reprinted in TruthOut) where I got most of my info.

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