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Tax the Rich, Stupids!

Tax the Rich, Stupids!


Congress, as an institution, currently has a lower approval rating than public nose-picking. One reason is that it can’t seem to listen to the over 60 percent of the population that feels that taxing the rich and corporations should be the first step in any effort to balance the nation’s checkbook. This isn’t some populist anger, as the mainstream media often describes it. It’s proven economics.

So what is standing in the way? Where is our system of representative democracy failing? Truthout and BuzzFlash readers know: we’ve entered a new stage of plutocratic governance where money is speech and the ones with the gold make the rules. Authors like Thom Hartmann, Richard D. Wolff and Noam Chomsky probe this frightening reality on a daily basis, exposing the crude inner workings of the system – as well as possibilities for true, revolutionary change.

As we descend into what already appears to be the least sane campaign season of our lifetimes, Truthout needs your support. We’ll never match the money-hoarders in political spending. But we can shine light on the hypocrisy, and develop the clear moral arguments that can win the day.

We’re about $29,000 away from making our budget and ending our drive. Can you help us get there?
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​​Not everyone can pay for the news. But if you can, we need your support.

Truthout is widely read among people with lower ­incomes and among young people who are mired in debt. Our site is read at public libraries, among people without internet access of their own. People print out our articles and send them to family members in prison — we receive letters from behind bars regularly thanking us for our coverage. Our stories are emailed and shared around communities, sparking grassroots mobilization.

We’re committed to keeping all Truthout articles free and available to the public. But in order to do that, we need those who can afford to contribute to our work to do so.

We’ll never require you to give, but we can ask you from the bottom of our hearts: Will you donate what you can, so we can continue providing journalism in the service of justice and truth?