Over 1,500 March at Occupy Oakland’s Port of Oakland Demonstration; Police Say, “No Work Stoppage“

More than 1,500 marchers are at the Port this morning, according to Oakland police.

400 protesters at Berths 55/56 of the Port of Oakland are marching to shut down the facility at the same time that police in riot gear are massing to stop them. Carrying cameras and signs that say “Shut down Wall Street on the Waterfront” protesters are holding—and blocking—usage of this area. Demonstrations are happening along the West Coast as part of a nationally orchestrated protest.

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In a Sunday night letter to organizers, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said she did not support the movement.

“I encourage those who want to make a statement on Monday to do so peacefully and respectfully – and to keep the Port open. The livelihoods of many of the 99 percent here in Oakland and throughout Northern California depend on it.”

Oakland Local's team will continue to report on this story with our team at the Port and downtown. Photos and news will be added here.