Organizer of Stop the Tar Sands Protest Arrested, Coverage Cut Off

Less than two hours after the sit in protesting the XL Pipeline began outside the White House, Bill McKibben has been arrested.

The online live reporting of the arrests outside the WH this morning has been lost and no MSM is covering the event.

Arrests began after three warnings from park police regarding illegality of sitting on sidewalks outside the WH.

The police action began no more than 20 minutes into the protest. Women were arrested first.

There were periodic chanting, with applause for each individual as they were arrested. Arrests continue @ 9:17 AM PST.

McKibben told protestors before sit in began: “Our currency for these two weeks is our bodies, our spirit and our creativity.” Bill McKibben @ 8:00AM PST

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks of action.

Follow reporting here at Daily Kos during weeklong blogathon, which officially concluded yesterday evening with Bill McKibben's post just prior to his attending the first training session. As of 9:24 PST, McKibben is still standing alongside the WH gate awaiting his turn to be handcuffed.