Obama Sending Special Envoy to North Korea

President Obama is sending Stephen Bosworth as a diplomatic envoy to North Korea to discuss nuclear disarmament talks. Jean H. Lee, The Associated Press reports:

“Bosworth is scheduled to fly from a US military base near Seoul to the North Korean capital Tuesday with the aim of luring the regime back to the international disarmament talks that Pyongyang abandoned earlier this year….

“Neither side has said which North Korean officials Bosworth will meet in Pyongyang during his three-day trip, though he is widely expected to sit down with Kang Sok Ju, the first vice foreign minister, who is considered reclusive leader Kim Jong Il’s chief foreign policy strategist….

“‘The main question is whether Bosworth will meet with Chairman Kim Jong Il,’ said Kim Yong-hyun, a professor of North Korean studies at Seoul’s Dongguk University. ‘Such a meeting would demonstrate that both the US and North Korea intend to resolve the nuclear issue.'”

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-Victoria Harper