News in Brief: Wisconsin Supreme Court Election in Dead Heat, and More

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election in Dead Heat

A Wisconsin Supreme Court election that pits a longtime Republican incumbent against a relative unknown has resulted in a tight race, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. According to the latest AP poll analysis, incumbent Justice David Prosser trails Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg by fewer than 500 votes. The race has been portrayed “as a referendum on Gov. Scott Walker's agenda and particularly on the collective bargaining law.”

In Wisconsin, Walker Ally Defeated in Race to Succeed Him for Former Position

A Republican state representative and ally of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was handily defeated by a Democrat and political neophyte in the race to succeed Walker as Milwaukee County Executive, reports Talking Points Memo. Chris Abele, “who has been a Democratic donor and is supported by the party, leads Republican state Rep. Jeff Stone by a whopping margin of 61%-39%.” Stone voted for Walker's anti-collective bargaining bill, though later criticized the governor's approach.

Florida Pastor Terry Jones Says No More Quran Burning – for Now

Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones says he will not be burning any more Qurans – for now, reports NPR. While “Jones has said that before,” he has drawn criticism recently for his recent burning of the Muslim holy book. The book burning was put on the web site of the church's he leads and in turn led “to a series of protests in Afghanistan that have claimed more than 20 lives, including those of seven U.N. employees.” Jones claims no responsibility.

Senate Passes 1099 Repeal

FireDogLake reports that the Senate voted to repeal the controversial 1099 component of the health care reform bill. The 1099 provision, “the first major revision to the Affordable Care Act,” was “a revenue-raising provision that would have required small businesses to report vendor purchases above $600.” The president said in a statement that he will sign the bill and approves of any measure that improves “the tax credit policy in this legislation.”