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News in Brief: UN Climate Talks Plagued With Familiar Problems, and More

UN Climate Talks Plagued With Familiar Problems

UN Climate Talks Plagued With Familiar Problems

Disagreements between rich and poor nations prevented leaders of the world’s governments from making progress on Wednesday during international climate talks held in Cancun, Mexico, according to Reuters. Developed nations like Japan, Russia and Canada are refusing to cut carbon emissions to prevent global warming until poorer nations commit to cutting emissions as well, while developing nations argue the world’s richest and biggest polluters should cut back first. A similar disagreement plagued the 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen and prevented an agreement on a strong UN resolution to cut emissions worldwide.

UK Student Protests Turn Violent

Protests and marches in London against tuition hikes at British colleges and universities have once again become violent, according to breaking blog reports by The Guardian UK. At least three police officers have been hospitalized, and numerous reports claim that students have suffered head injuries at the hands of police after scuffles and attempts to break through police lines. Violence erupted last month in London when students protesting the tuition hikes smashed the front windows of the Conservative Party headquarters.

House Democrats Oppose Tax Cuts Despite Obama’s Deal With GOP

Democrats in the House of Representatives passed a resolution on Thursday stating that they would not support the renewal of Bush-era tax cuts despite a deal President Obama made with Republicans lawmakers to renew the cuts in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits, according to an NPR report. The House Democrats oppose a plan to renew tax cuts for America’s richest taxpayers despite a rising federal deficit and a tough economy. At least 54 Democrats oppose the deal, but some analysts expect it to pass.

Evangelical Chaplains Come Out Against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal

Many Military Chaplains are evangelical Christians, and they are worried that a repeal of military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on openly gay service members could affect how they do their jobs, according to an NPR report. Evangelical chaplains apparently fear integrating gays into family ministries and being charged for discrimination if they tell soldiers that being gay is wrong. Some chaplains might have to decide between serving their country and serving God, according to a conservative activist, who worries that a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” could force evangelical ministers out of the military.

Fire in Chilean Prison Kills More Than 80 Inmates

A fire at the crowded San Miguel Prison in Santiago, Chile, erupted this morning after a fight between inmates, according to The Guardian. More than 80 inmates were killed and at least 14 were injured as the prison was engulfed in flames. Police has minor confrontations with relatives of inmates who gathered outside the prison to inquire about the safety of their family members.