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News in Brief: DC Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Appeal, and More

DC Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Appeal

DC Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Appeal

The Supreme Court of Washington, DC, rejected an appeal from gay marriage opponents who want to overturn the law allowing same sex couples to wed, the AP reports. Led by Bishop Harry Jackson, a Maryland pastor, the opponent group is trying to introduce a ballot measure to allow DC residents to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The district’s Board of Elections and Ethics refused to put the initiative on the ballot on the grounds that it would authorize discrimination.

At Least 60 Killed in Iraq Bombing

McClatchy Newspapers reports that the worst terrorist attack in Iraq in months claimed at least 60 lives and wounded 150 on Tuesday. A suicide bomber attacked a gathering of police recruits in Tikrit, a city north of Baghdad, detonating a vest rigged with explosives as officials warned the recruits not to gather near the entrance. A previous bombing in August killed more than 50 at a similar event.

Obama to Review “Excessive” Regulations

President Obama will sign an executive order to cut ineffective regulations that hinder the economy, according to The Hill. In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Obama wrote that the country’s complicated and often redundant regulations impede job growth and place unnecessary burdens on small businesses. His executive order will cut excessive paperwork and ensure that the government does more of its work online.

Rand Paul to Reveal Budget Proposal

Rand Paul will soon lay out a proposal for an annual federal budget, Politico says. His proposal aims to eliminate $500 billion in one year, about five times as much as the House Republicans previously promised to cut, and target programs at every federal agency. It would also cut the entire Department of Education. Paul will likely reveal his proposal next week.

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