New Zealand Professors Say No War with Syria

As the focus of US and Israel’s foreign policy shifts back onto Iran and its nuclear program, the option of military strikes against Syria is still on the table. Some of New Zealand’s most respected Peace and Conflict experts and University professors take a stand and say that they are against any military action against Syria by the US and its allies. They make clear they will not condone the New Zealand government’s support for any such military action.
These Professors are not alone on this issue. Many prominent and notable figures in the international community have spoken out as well, and more importantly, the people and public have been speaking out rigorously, to the point that they played a huge role in deterring the US and it’s allies from engaging in a war that could have lead to a global catastrophe.
Whether Syria or Iran, the pressure must be kept on to continue deterring military action and instead to look to peaceful diplomatic solutions which are almost undoubtedly more effective at solving these issues.