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Michelle Nunn’s Real Strategy Meeting

What was really said at that meeting that produced the memo outlining Michelle Nunn’s strategy as Democratic candidate for senator of Georgia.


“What, ’Chelle?”

“I was thinking about what this all has come down to.”

“The campaign?”

“It’s: ‘How are we going to win in such a racist state?’”

“Well, not real—well, if you just have to be so blunt about it. I guess.”

“Look at what we’re setting as a goal—just 30 percent of the white vote?”


“We’re white.”

“Ha—sorry, boss. My bad. But last I checked, yes, we are.”

“What does that say about this state?”

“Few can argue that elections in the South itself have devolved into a literal black and white thing. So many on the other side are convinced that we as Dems look out for the… others only.”

“Can you blame them? Have you listened to talk radio—Rush and those idiots?”

“They can get out there.”

“I mean, Obama a secret Muslim who’s actually trying to overthrow the country to hand it over to blacks?”

“That’s why they’re tying you to him. Unfortunately, our data show it’s effective with some undecideds in South Georgia.”

“But the Affordable Care Act can help so many of them on fixed incomes. You know, the man can say the sky is blue and they’ll say that’s code for promoting jihad. Roger, have you seen those images from Gaza?”

“I have.”

“Babies—their heads blown off. I can’t even sympathize with that—as a Christian.”

“Our data show you shouldn’t. They’d twist that into saying you support terrorists, like they’re doing with your stint at Points of Light.”

“Ridiculous. Are they saying Mr. Bush supported terrorists then? Besides, I support Israel.”

“I know you do. You know you do. But—”

“I’m getting a major migraine here.”


“No. Thanks.”

“They’re frightened, ’Chelle. They go to malls and hear shoppers next to them speaking Spanish. They go to banks and Social Security offices and the managers there are black. You know. Change.”

“But that’s change for the better. They couldn’t possibly be pining for a return to…don’t answer that.”

“Thanks. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to.”

“So the most viable way to win is to cater to unreasonable fear and provincialism?”

“Through adept dog whistling preferably. This is 2014.”

“I just can’t do that. I’m sorry.”

“Uh, boss. You don’t really have to. You just have to pretend all that’s not happening from the other side.”

“Progress, huh?”

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