Maya Schenwar Returns Full-Time to Lead Truthout With Joe Macaré

2014.3.6.Message.MainTruthout’s Editor-in-Chief, Maya Schenwar and Truthout’s Publisher, Joe Macaré. (Photo: Dan Massoglia)We are excited to announce the return of Maya Schenwar, Truthout’s Executive Director since 2009, to the new position of Editor-in-Chief, and the promotion of Joe Macaré to Publisher. Together, they form Truthout’s new leadership team.

Maya returns to Truthout full-time after a year on sabbatical completing a book on America’s prison system and its impact on families and communities: Locked Down, Locked Out (forthcoming from Berrett-Koehler Publishers). As Editor-in-Chief, she will oversee Truthout’s editorial department with Managing Editor Victoria Harper and Content Relations Editor Leslie Thatcher.

”My first day back was like coming home,” says Maya. “I’m so excited about the next year at Truthout, and thrilled to be taking a position in which I can focus on Truthout’s editorial vision and deepen our commitment to journalism in the service of social justice.” 

Joe Macaré, who has been part of Truthout’s development team since early 2012, is taking on the new position of Publisher, running the organization’s fundraising, outreach and other operations.

“Joe brings a rare mix of innovative dynamism and ceaseless dedication to his work. He is both incredibly talented and wholeheartedly committed to building a better world,” Maya says. Joe adds, “I don’t think there’s ever been a more urgent need for the perspectives Truthout provides. I could not be more honored to be assuming this role and to be working with Maya on a daily basis again.”

Joining Joe in the development team is Ziggy West Jeffery, formerly Operations Manager at The Real News Network, now Truthout’s new Development Director. “I’m very excited about the opportunity to play a role in increasing the footprint of independent media by growing Truthout’s donor base and helping to expand their work,” says Ziggy, whom Joe describes as “simply the stand-out choice for this position.”

We’re very grateful to Dina Rasor for her work as Acting Executive Director during the last year, and are glad that Dina will remain with us as a weekly Truthout columnist.

If you have ideas for the team, feel free to let us know at [email protected]!