In Sign of Global Influence, China Cracking Down on Occupy Wall Street Coverage

In Sign of Global Influence China Cracking Down on Occupy Wall Street Coverage

Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Square in New York City, NY, marching to Chase Bank, October 12, 2011. (Photo: a c o r n)

When the Occupy Wall Street protests started last month, Chinese state media blasted the U.S. media for its poor coverage of the events. Yet as the Financial Times reports, now that the protests are spreading and igniting global unrest, Chinese censors are cracking down on coverage. “A magazine to which I am a contributor has received a notice from regulators saying that it must not carry any content regarding Occupy Wall Street,” said journalism professor Hu Jong. A handful of occupation-style protests have popped up in China, and it’s possible that Chinese government officials fear that their own citizens will soon begin protests like those in Zuccotti Park.