Globalization: The Idiocy of Interdependency (2)

Were there no European union there would be no Greek crisis beyond Greece, Greece would have retained its currency and paid its price for budget problems in the value of its currency.

But the stitching together of so many diverse countries and cultures into one unit, with one currency, has presented far more problems than it has solved and, worse, has removed national and cultural liberty, sovereignty, as well as necessary freedom for tariff-based re-balancing mechanisms.

As a result, we now have synchronized global pain and ruin serving to give the banksters more opportunities to gain evermore resources and power over our lives with their out-of-thin-air private money machines.

Worst of all is exactly this private central bank contagion, in which nations have given up their rights to create their own money and credit, and without interest if they see fit. The world-wide sovereign debt problem is essentially a private central bank, debt-money, problem. It’s the interest, stupid. Its the inevitable Kondratieff wave of debt-money.

Indeed, it is the unnecessary and predatory interest on private debt that countries and municipalities alike are forced to pay to parasitic bankers and Fed-owning bond dealers, instead of creating their own money and credit, and keeping their collected taxpayer funds in state and national banks.

The banksters then have us in their grip and are attempting to use this crisis of their own making to mount a global coup of “global governance” – in which all nations give up their money and credit freedom and enter the banker hell roach motel… then try to get out?

Interdependency is not stopping wars, riots, revolutions or currency trade wars. It’s merely removing freedom, democracy, and domestic re-balancing mechanisms. It is also producing a dismal sameness around the world and ruining the beauty and freedom of cultural diversity.

Speaking of counterproductive interdependency, take “free trade” for example. Ruling-elite driven trade treaties, bypassing democratic referendums of the wage-earning majorities, have removed necessary tariff adjustment freedoms. First world countries have lost their manufacturing capabilities and become dependent, not interdependent.

Reality is that our independence, or that of any other nation, does not preclude global cooperation or any free as needed and wanted trade, it simply makes these processes more free, voluntary, democratic, more easily subject to course correction, and so less exploitive and truly productive… as they should be.

By defaulting production to a few greater-slave-rewarding locales, economies are upended, creativity minimized, historic regional independence ruined, and climate-screwing “goods” shipped in fossil-fuel vehicles over great distances to market. Not good, not efficient, not free, and not a useful “comparative advantage.”

Further, no country elects their representatives to the WTO or the World Bank or the FED or BIS, or even the United Nations. There is no effective democracy anymore, we’re all trapped inside a ruthless, top-down, fascism. Unless you’re a “rogue” nation that has managed to avoid the global grip of the banksters, you’re stuck with usury, predation, extortion, ruin and rioting until the game is changed.

We, the people, need to perform our own “structural adjustment” on our money and credit and trade processes in order to recreate the better world that has been screwed up and destroyed by corporate giants and their pigmy sycophants.

Today, as a result of top-down integration and forced interdependence, we have global oligarchy and global oligopoly, and the demise of First World wages and Standards – terrible, counterproductive, results.

What we are witnessing today is simply the entire foisted-upon-us “interdependency” idiocy coming home to roost. To repair and reform, we need to break out of the fascist trade and banking straight-jackets and rebuild local, national and regional freedoms – all according to real democratic processes and prerogatives.

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