Get Carried Away

Get Carried Away

Dear Truthout Community,

Every day that we hold back, we set a dangerous precedent. It is no longer acceptable to leave media, organizing and policymaking to the “professionals” – look where it’s gotten us up until now.

It’s time to get carried away. What change can you demand this month? Who’s working on your top issue in your community? Where can you make a difference? Do you care passionately enough to put your body and reputation on the line?

If the progressive movement has a chance to move the conversation and actually create accountability in government and the economy, the time is now.

The way we get our information is changing. Just by reading this email and Truthout’s daily newsletter, you’re participating in media reform. You’re voting with your mouse and your mind for independent news and analysis.

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Thank you to everyone who is acting.

Maya Schenwar, Executive Director and Matt Renner, Director of Development