Translated by Isabelle Métral and reviewed by Henry Crapo

What about her? How's the woman doing?

It must be one of two things: either the thirty-two-year-old chambermaid of the New York “Sofitel” is a secret agent in the pay of the CIA, the Elysée Palace, the Greeks, or the financial markets, and in this case she may well gloat over the success of her secret sex mission.

Or, as several commentators pointed out yesterday, granted that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, the young woman is equally entitled to be a victim unless eventually proven otherwise.

Just think of the courage it took to accuse the occupant of the hotel's presidential suite and powerful boss of the IMF.

Supposing this second hypothesis were true, she will no doubt need even more courage to be witness for the prosecution against the two greatest tenors of the US legal profession, who will stop at nothing.

Yesterday the talk was all about how unbearable it was to see DSK manacled, and it is true that US justice doesn't use kid gloves.

But still, how is the woman doing?