Don’t Let Dirty Drilling Frack Up New York’s Clean Water

Everyone is talking about Natural Gas, our newest greenest most homegrown and secure source of American Energy….


“Clean” “Natural” Gas is neither.

Gas extraction, made possible by hydraulic fracturing (or fracking for short) has to sit right beside Deep Sea Drilling, and Dirty Tar Sands Oil in the pantheon of insane ways to get our fossil fuel fix.

Did you know that Halliburton (yes that Halliburton) patented fracking: a process that mixes millions of gallons of precious fresh water with a proprietary cocktail of toxics, injects it through our drinking water table, and into the ground at a pressure that will fracture rock?

Did you know that when (ex-Halliburton CEO) Dick Cheney was VP he slipped a fracking exemption into the Safe Drinking Water Act?

Stand Up, New York!

Fracking has brought the gas rush to New York. Some of the biggest and dirtiest names in Big Oil are coming to frack us. And under current rules, we can expect much the same dirty drilling that has polluted water in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, etc, etc.

Who will be at risk? Everyone downstream. Including the drinking water of tens of million in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.