Corporate media or democratic media?

Corporate media or democratic media?

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Many of our readers and millions of people across the United States are hurting. Unemployment rots at the foundation of our middle class, driving up stress levels and damaging relationships. People living on the edge continue to get pushed off, losing health care benefits and being driven into debt. Banks get the largest safety net in human history – over $12 trillion put up to keep them from feeling the pain they caused – and what do we get? Excuses about how 59 Democrats in the Senate isn’t enough to make changes that will bring a better tomorrow.

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The corporate media tows the line for the beltway mentality, never delving into the corrupt system of campaign finance and influence peddling that got us to where we are today. The TV guys can’t be brave because it would hurt their parent companies’ profits.

Citizens United, a ruling by the highest court in our nation to allow corporate money to flood political campaigns, showed us just how low our place is under the current system. Even the judiciary seems to want to hand control of our lawmaking to nonhuman entities created to amass wealth at any deferred price.

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